Music to dance the night away
A festival to start the summer
The festival draws drew large delegations of business and community leaders who LOVE our community.
Welcome to Aurora Fossil Festival

Festival Beginnings

In 1993, several members of the Aurora/Richland Township Chamber of Commerce decided that Aurora needed an event or festival of some kind to promote our area, be a fund raiser for the Chamber, and possibly increase revenue for the Town. It was decided that we would have a Fossil Festival, promoting one of our local resources, TexasGulf, Inc. (Now Potash Corp. Aurora) and the Fossil Museum. The Chamber of Commerce, along with the Town of Aurora, sponsored the first Festival and the date was set for Memorial Day weekend of 1994.

It was also decided that there would be a Fossil Master for each festival. This person was to be someone that had contributed to the education of all in learning about the local fossils found in the mine at TexasGulf, Inc., and had helped the museum in a significant way. This person is selected by the Festival committee each year.


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